How to mint NFT on Polygon / Matic Network

Polygon has lowest transaction fees but in case with minting NFT we can do it for free.

We can mint NFT easily with NFT Minter. On our side this will not cost any fee, only signing transaction. NFT will be created under colletion named: Non-Fungible Matic V2 V2

- If you are interested in minting only unit quantities of NFT then NFT Minter is best way for you.

- If you are interested in creating your own collection then you should use Unifty, but keep in mind that creating a collection will require fee.

As we see there two ways to create NFT, mint with exist collection or create new collection. Second choice is perfect if you want to control circulate and total supply of your NFT under your collection.

Here we will look at process of minting NFT with NFT Minter.

We need to connect a wallet to use website, we have 3 ways:

- MetaMask Wallet

- WalletConnect

- Arcane Wallet

I prefer to use MetaMask, if it’s your first time of use then you should set up wallet to use with Matic Network. You can find detailed guide here or use Chainlist to add Matic Network on your wallet.

There will be 3 type of notifications during minting:

- File uploaded to IPFS

- JSON data is uploaded to IPFS

- NFT Minted

First when your picture or media file has been uploaded on website.

Second when you click on Mint NFT button.

Third when you will get transaction with NFT in your wallet.

Let’s look at form that we need to fill:

- Every field is required except Social Media URL.

- As media we can upload image in JPG, PNG or video in MP4.

- Title and description — any text.

- NFT type can be ERC721 or ERC1155.

- Quantity — any number.

When every field is filled — click on Mint NFT button and sign message on your wallet. After few seconds NFT will appear on your wallet.

We can check transaction info. Transaction fee has been 0.00047516912086 MATIC (lower than 0.01 USD) but paid from service which sending NFT.

NFT on OpenSea

Minted NFT can be found on OpenSea marketplace. NFT created under collection with name — Non-Fungible Matic V2 V2, this collection provided by NFT Minter service.

If you want to transfer or sell your NFT then you should have some MATIC on your wallet to cover fee.

What you need to start selling — click on sell, set your price, approve transaction to unlock trading and sign 2 free messages.